"Je sais que la poésie est indispensable, mais je ne sais pas à quoi.-Jean Cocteau"

“I know poetry is indispensable, but I don’t for what”. This simple phrase about poetry, generalizable to any kind of art, is what in my opinion best defines its character. We can give it a purpose but it doesn’t have such an objetive properly. It has however a cause: it is one of the most sophisticated manifestations of our symbolic mind and therefore one of the very few traits that makes us human, as well as language, science or abstract thought.


Fine Art Reproductions

Most of my paintings are available to be reproduced in very high fidelity prints. These are limited editions of 75 copies, on paper or canvas, signed, numbered and certified. The use of high-density pigmented inks as well as acid-free substrates and optical brighteners ensures unaltered colours for many decades.


Upcoming events

  • One-man exhibition at the Chiang Kai-shek Memory Hall. Taipei. Taiwan. December 27, 2019
  • One-man exhibition at Galerie Michael. Beverly Hills. USA. August 14, 2020
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